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 Preventing spam and keeping your account safe
 What is Verizon Online doing to prevent spam?
Does Verizon provide my email address to outside parties?
What can I do to help Verizon Online control spam?

Spam Detector
What is Spam Detector?
How does Spam Detector work?
How do I enable or disable Spam Detector?
What if I'm still receiving spam in my account?
What happens if non-spam messages reach my Spam Detector folder?
I'm using Spam Detector. What else I can do to prevent receiving spam or other unwanted email messages?

Spam Blocking Tutorials
Using Spam Detector Tutorial
Using Message Rules in Outlook Express Tutorial
Using Blocked Senders Lists in Outlook Express Tutorial

Email filters
How do I manage mail filters in Microsoft® Outlook Express?
How do I use the Drafts Screen?

Unsolicited email
The 'From' address in the message includes Why can't you stop it?
How do I view the header information of a message?
What if the message header does not have a host name?
How can I effectively complain about unsolicited email?

Scam email
Does Verizon use email to collect billing or personal information?

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