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Download Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee

Keep your computer and personal information safe as you browse the internet. SiteAdvisor:

  • Alerts you to potentially risky sites
  • Creates an icon within your browser’s toolbar for additional safety & site specific information
  • Provides you rating icons for your search results
  • Helps to reduce adware, spyware, and viruses embedded within downloadable files with clear visual ratings
  • Tests thousands of websites for exploitative code or phishing for your additional protection
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Follow the simple steps outlined below to download Verizon SiteAdvisor.

Step 1
Start the download by clicking the download button.

Step 3
If you see this screen, click on "Run" in the
"Internet Explorer - Security Warning" window.
Step 5
Simply follow the instructions in the Install Wizard to
complete the installation.

Step 2
Click "Run" in the "File Download - Security Warning" window.

Step 4
If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, click on "Continue"
in the "User Account Control" window.

Step 6
With the Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee successfully installed on your computer, the following icon will be present with your browser.

The Verizon SiteAdvisor Powered by McAfee has been successfully
installed at this point.


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