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Download Verizon Family Protection Parental Controls Powered by McAfee

Verizon Family Protection Parental Controls is a free parental control software that can help keep your family safe online. Offered as part of your Verizon Internet service, Family Protection gives you the tools to block access to certain websites, and lets you choose who can use the Internet and when. Other great features include:

  • Program-specific blocking that stops programs like Instant Messaging and gaming
  • Real-time web tracking that lets you see what sites your kids try to access.
  • Keyword filtering technology allows parents to input specific words that may be associated with objectionable content and prevent it from being downloaded.
  • Age-appropriate content filters to help parents decide what content and social networking sites are appropriate
    for family members.
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Follow the simple steps outlined below to download Verizon Family Protection.

Step 1
Start the download by clicking the download button.

Download Now
Step 3
If you see this screen, click on "Run" in the
"Internet Explorer - Security Warning" window.
Step 5
When the installation starts, you may be asked to uninstall
any existing software.

To uninstall a conflicting program, select the "Launch Add or Remove Programs" link,
click on the "Uninstall" button and
follow the uninstall instructions.

Step 2
Click "Run" in the "File Download - Security Warning" window.

Step 4
If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista, click on "Continue"
in the "User Account Control" window.

Step 6
Once you have uninstalled existing security software (if any),
the Verizon Family Protection Powered by McAfee will resume
installation automatically.

Simply follow the instructions in the Install Wizard to complete
the installation.

Step 7
With the Verizon Family Protection Powered by McAfee successfully installed on your
computer, the following icon will be present on your desktop.

The Verizon Family Protection Powered by McAfee has been successfully installed at this point.


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