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Spam Filter
If you have an e-mail address, you have spam. It's justGG that simple. Spam refers to any unwanted e-mail, but it is usually a form of advertising. Why do you get so much spam? Because spam is so cheap to send that one response out of 100,000 is considered a marketing success. You won't completely eliminate spam but you can drastically reduce it.

Spam-stopping hints:
Spam filtering software is an invaluable tool, but no spam filter can stop every unwanted message. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce spam in your inbox:

- Be careful about disclosing your e-mail address. Spammers use programs that search chat rooms, Internet sites, newsgroups - anywhere e-mail addresses can be found-and use that information to compile their mailing lists.
- Set up an e-mail address just for use with Internet transactions-and keep your real address private. Verizon Online allows customers to easily create additional e-mail sub-accounts without opening an entirely new account.
- Share your primary e-mail address only with people you know.
- When including your e-mail address in online profiles or on a personal website, disguise your e-mail address by writing it in "plain English" e.g.'Alice at Verizon dot net '. That way, your address is still intelligible by humans but not by e-mail gathering software.
- Beware of pre-checked boxes when registering for online services or shopping indicating you will "accept" e-mails from that organization. Uncheck those boxes if you prefer not to receive that organization's messages.

Verizon Online Solutions Available to You:
If you use a Verizon Online e-mail address, you have a powerful spam filter working for you automatically. If you want to change or disable the spam filter, simply:
- Login to Verizon netmail
- Select "Options" from the menu on the left of the page
- Select "Mail Filters," (on the upper right of the options window)
- Use the easy tools to set the level of spam protection right for you

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