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Safety & Security

Stay Safe Online: Protect, Detect, & Connect

From viruses and scams to inappropriate material, the Web contains a host of elements you don't want to let in. Use the topics and resources below to ensure that your online experience is more secure.
  Alerts & Advisories  
  Report Child Pornography
Child pornography is illegal under federal law and many state laws, and using Verizon Online services to view, store or distribute it is a violation of our Terms of Service. More >

Verizon Premium Technical Support
Get expert assistance 24/7 when you need help with a problem not covered by Verizon's standard technical support. More >

Verizon Online Internet Security   Verizon Internet Security Suite
Check out a complete security suite that helps protect your PC against spyware, viruses, spam, and more.
Learn More >
  Verizon Parental Control   Verizon Parental Controls
Filter and block web content. Protect your children from accessing inappropriate sites. Schedule permissions for Internet access -- when and what programs are allowed for each user.
More >
My PersonalInfo My Family
  Discover ways to safeguard financial transactions, valuable files, and more.

Password Protection
Get tips on creating a more secure password. Read More >

Spam Filter
Get tips on how to guard your e-mail inbox against the onslaught of spam. Read More >

File and Information Backup
Learn about options that will safeguard your important files against accidental information loss. Read More >

My PersonalInfo My Family

Create a family-friendly Web experience with the help of these resources.

Parental Controls
Let your child access all the Internet has to offer without being exposed to unsuitable material. Read More >

Wireless Home Networking Security
Discover simple ways to secure your wireless connection against the intrusion of hackers. Read More >

Downloading Files
Learn about the risks associated with illegal downloading & file sharing. Read More >

File Sharing FAQs
Get answers about the laws regarding file sharing, tips on how to determine if the software is on your computer, & suggestions for sites that offer safe, legal downloads. Read More >

File Sharing: Security & Privacy Threats
Find out how this activity can leave you and your computer vulnerable. Read More >

Threats Other Annoyances

Learn how to derail scams, protect against malicious hackers, and avoid viruses.

Anti-Virus Software
Protect your computer against malicious viruses by implementing one of these powerful anti-virus solutions-and keeping it up to date. Read More >

Control the flow of information into and out of your computer with these potent electronic barriers. Read More >

Phishing Scams
Scam artists are targeting Verizon Online customers with fraudulent e-mails asking for credit card numbers or other personal information. Don't be fooled. Find out how you can avoid falling victim to fake requests for User IDs, social security numbers, and more. Read More >

Examples of Phishing Scams
Get an idea of what phishing e-mails look like. Read More >

Threats Other Annoyances

Don't let spam and pop-ups ruin your online experience. Find ways to sideline these pests.

Stop unwanted and unwelcome software from being installed on your computer without your knowledge. Read More >

Resources Tutorials

Check out these articles and Web sites for safety tips, product updates, and troubleshooting topics.

Verizon Parental Control
Discover tools to help you guard your children against objectionable Internet content and set access rules for each user. Visit Now >

Family Safety Resources
Access articles, tools, and downloads that can help you keep your family safe online. Visit Now >

Find the resources you need to keep your Verizon Online Internet connection running smoothly. Visit Now >

Resources Advisories

Find current security advisories here.

Microsoft Security
Microsoft's site provides in-depth information covering a wide range of topics, including security bulletins and virus alerts as well as links to Microsoft-specific product updates and tools. Read More >


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